Tax consultancy

In a world that is constantly changing, taxation is no exception. This is all the more so in our country where bureaucracy and cumbersome legislation deplete the resources of economic agents and where the need to use the services of tax specialists appears as absolutely normal.

Our specialists offer customized tax solutions to each customer, ensure correct tax planning and compliance with tax and accounting legislation based on the idea that no one is obliged to pay more to the state than the legal obligation.

The services we offer include:
1. Consultancy on direct taxes: corporate tax, income tax on micro-enterprises, minimum tax, taxation of permanent establishments, taxation of natural persons, self-employed person, local taxes and fees, social contributions.
2. Consultancy on indirect taxes: VAT (intra-Community VAT), excise duties, customs duties.
3. Prompt answers and solutions to questions and accounting and tax cases.
4. Tax consultancy on issues related to the tax procedure.
5. Identification and application of tax facilities provided by law.
6. Calculation and verification of tax returns.
7. Identifying the most appropriate tax and accounting policies.
8. Assistance during tax inspections.
9. Participating in drafting appeals or other documents communicated to tax authorities, obtaining tax certificates.
10. Operational and periodic legislative information with tax and accounting character and offering possibilities to capitalize on this information.
11. Assistance in the elaboration of the requests regarding the restitution and reimbursement of the tax requests.
12. Tax consultancy regarding acquisitions, mergers and divisions.
13. Tax representation and accounting services for non-residents, registration for VAT purposes in Romania.
14. Preparation of the transfer pricing file.