The audit is not only a requirement to be met before the law, it is primarily an assurance based on which the problems and risks of the audited entities can be reduced.

The purpose of the audit is to issue an independent and objective opinion on the financial statements, which implicitly leads to the increase of users’ confidence in the financial statements.

The PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING Group has a number of 6 financial auditors who audit the activity of customers according to the International Standards on Auditing and who issue recommendations in the form of independent opinions on the fidelity of the financial statements.
The services we offer include:
1. Auditing the statutory financial statements in accordance with the legal accounting provisions.
2. Missions to review the financial statements and to audit the consolidated financial statements.
3. Special purpose missions - agreed procedures.
4. Audit of projects financed from European funds or other non-reimbursable financing.
5. Internal audit
6. Economic-financial analyzes on comparative annual statements.
7. Discussions with management and recommendations.
8. Financial due diligence.