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Our specialists, together with brand specialists at national level, offer training services to our clients and other companies interested in the following fields: VAT; profit tax, minimum tax, micro tax; non-resident income tax; compulsory social contributions; taxation of individuals.
In a world that is constantly changing, taxation is no exception. This is all the more so in our country where bureaucracy and cumbersome legislation deplete the resources of economic agents and where the need to use the services of tax specialists appears as absolutely normal. Our specialists offer customized tax solutions to each client, ensure correct tax planning and compliance with tax and accounting legislation based on the idea that no one is obliged to pay more to the state than its legal obligation.

Our goal is to make as little contribution as possible to making the entrepreneurial world we belong to work better and to have sustainable growth, a world that is better for our employees, our customers and the local community. A world in which we use all our professional knowledge to assure our clients that they will calculate and pay taxes in the most correct and efficient way and that they will not be subject to the risks and interpretations generated by fiscal legislative instability.

The highly professional services, the personalized relationship with each of our clients, the practical approach to each one's problems are the main reasons why some of the most important companies in the region have chosen to be our clients.

Professional Consulting has good experience in providing high quality services in the field of tax consulting, auditing, accounting, and related fields. We have developed our services focusing on knowing each client and taking into account the fact that a successful collaboration requires a lot of attention and trust, managing not to disappoint our clients and to offer them solutions in an optimal, fast and precise way.

Our story began in 2002 when five kind-hearted and ambitious young people had an entrepreneurial dream, deciding to give up state service under the MFP. The passion for taxes and accounting, the experience gained and an excellent team have turned our dream into a successful reality, making PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING a respected name in the business environment and a leader in the regional market for tax consulting, auditing and accounting.

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